Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tatz Tattoo Studio - Hong Kong 香港 紋身刺青/圖案設計/修改紋身

Hong Kong Tattoo Shop - Tatz Tattoo Studio 擅長於創作具有原創性的紋身作品及修改或覆蓋舊紋身。本店重視衛生,只採用一次性紋身針、針嘴和國際紋身業界認可色料。紋身質量保證。 Tatz Tattoo Studio specializes in custom tattoo design, tattoo re-work and cover-up tattoo. Use only disposable needles and tubes. All the inks are internationally recognized and guaranteed indelible for years and years. Safe, hygienic and with quality.

(Original music by Billy Leung)

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